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ASISTAL Bulgaria was established in 2013. The company is a subsidiary of ASISTAL Aluminum, and is in possession of one of the newest and most modern production facilities for extrusion and follow-up processing of aluminum profiles. We have been holding top market positions in the Balkan markets, Africa, Asia and the Near East for 20 years now.

The plant consists of:

1.Three extrusion lines;

2. A matrix workshop for maintenance and manufacturing of molds;

3. Workshop for dust blasted painting of profiles, having the newest Compact type techology – a highly productive line with high energy efficiency and end product of high quality, as well as low production costs;

4. Profile anodizing / eloxation:

- processing of up to 1 000 000 kg per month;

- a fully automated line;

- coating thickness of up to 25 microns;

- colour stability;

- mat finishing options.

Environmental protection is among the company’s most important missions. We have a wastewater treatment line, implementing wastewater reuse, which is in compliance with the latest European standards and requirements. The purification facilities have a capacity of 15 m³/hour or 360 m³/day.

In manufacture of doors and windows the systems are generally divided into two groups: cold profiles and thermal profiles. These groups, in turn, are classified as ordinary or mini, with a normal opening or sliding, with a round or straight design, with a standard casing or a PVC window casing.

There are also other types of profile systems, used for:

- structural or semi-structural suspended facades;

- concertina glazing systems for balconies;

- window display systems;

- commercial furniture systems;

- railing profiles in different styles and of various application;

- anti-insect grid profiles - stationary, roller, sliding, or with a normal opening;

- profiles for blinds and persiennes;

- external window-sill boards;

- a wide range of standard profiles: boxes, pipes, L-shaped steel profiles, T-shaped steel profiles, lamellas.

On account of its contemporary anodizing line and matrix range, the plant is also a desired partner to:

- companies in the advertising line of business – internal and external advertisement profiles;

- in the manufacture of side panels for TIR trailers;

- in refrigeration industry – display case profiles;

- in furniture industry companies – door profiles and chamfer profiles;

- in the manufacture of heating aluminum radiators, etc.

We fulfill special orders, such as flloor and moulding transition strips, profiles for the manufacture of hinges and handles, decoration profiles, etc.